Months and days are reckoned the same as in the "real world," and time passes in-game as fast as it does out-of-game. Years are reckoned from the crowning of the first Emperor of the old Sturian Empire: "anno Imperii." Simply subtract 1000 from the real-world Christian Era year. For example, when this page was edited, the Christian dating was December 22, 2008 A.D.; in-game, it would be December 22, 1008 A.I.

We use this "subtract 1000" scheme out of convenience. Technologically, Hesket is in its Later Middle Ages, and is equal to Europe at about the year 1400, not 1000. (The difference in date is because Sturia crowned its first Emperor "later" than Rome did.)

Common Holidays

Included here is a list of the "universal" holidays celebrated over most of Hesket. Remember also that in medieval times, dates were often reckoned not in months and days but in relation to holidays, i.e. "1344 Anno Domini, 4 days after the feast of Michaelmas", so you may wish to use these holidays to set game dates: "998 Anno Imperii, 8 days after Ubriannis" for a day in mid-October.

Note also that these holidays are deliberately arranged to coincide with the common dates upon which games are held. Thus they make good "excuses" to get PCs together.

Name Type When Event
New Year's Day holiday Jan 1 the new year
Aliane holiday Feb 18 celebration of love, veneration of Alia, exchange of gifts between lovers (compare to Valentine's Day)
Mayfair holiday early May celebration of summer's arrival, dancing and merrymaking
Midsummer Night holiday summer solstice (Jun 21/22) celebration of midsummer
Ubriannis feast early Oct veneration of Ubrialla, thanksgiving for the harvest (compare to Thanksgiving)
Halloween event Oct 31 hauntings by mischievous spirits
Arrenstide event Dec 7/8 - Dec 20/21 a superstitious festival, usually celebrated in rural areas, running for the two weeks before Brinmas. Arrenstide is held to be the narrowing of barrier with the otherworld; Arrenstide spirits are considered malicious and nasty, whereas Halloween spirits are interested only in a good, fun scare.
(The name is unrelated to the dwarves, and stems from the Kislennic name for Brinmas, "Eirensnacht".)
Brinmas feast winter solstice (Dec 21/22) On the shortest day of the year, appeals are made to Brinnig to return with sunlight. Brinmas is the largest winter festival, with much giftgiving; it is a big celebration, with considerable relief as Arrenstide ends.
Kintaka's Fest holiday random mischief-making and pranking (compare to April Fool's)

Other Holidays

These other holidays have been mentioned but aren't necessarily common, and may be limited to a given area and/or church:
Name Who When Event
Yeti Festival Syracuse, Kislevia late Feb annual yeti hunt
St. Ryan's Day Cadfainn June 4 annual royal ball for this Dorialite saint
Festival of the Holy Tide Kytan mid July major Kytan holiday; used to involve large pilgrimages to Nicolia before the Yamamotoan war
Feast of St. Blaise Alian Sept 18