What Is a Saint?

As in medieval Europe*, a saint is not just a person who lived a virtuous life, but who also demonstrates divine power after death, hearing prayers and then interceding on that person's behalf, "catching a god's attention" about the prayer. Saints each have a "patronage", an area they are known to pay attention to, such as a certain affliction, occupation or region. Persons with a prayer related to that patronage might pray to the saint in hopes that the prayer will be more effective. People also dedicate shrines to particular saints, believing that a prayer made at a saint's shrine will be more likely to be heard.

In the CG, each god's church determines who qualifies for sainthood. This is a complex process where church leaders verify that prayers to the person have resulted in miraculous responses, and verify that the will of the heavens is with the saint.

Saints List

While there are certainly many more saints than this, here is a list of saints who have been mentioned (or seen) in-game:

Name Church Patronage Sex Actor (if appeared in-game)
Aiden Tiranon stag hunters M Matt Sxchickling
Caelti who fled his home when his family was unjustly accused of blood magic; slew the Demon Stag of the Siolidh; murdered by Kahla-Ranite
Aine (AY-nee) Nen battle healers F MacKay Wxilford
A sixth-century Cadfainn village leader who, along with St. Tearlach and St. Fianna, saved Cadfainn villages from a plague created by Caelti. United the villages to mount a campaign to stop the Caelti mages; was killed while defeating them.
Angus of Sneem Rannash new adventurers M Adam Mxorse
mercenary turned wandering trainer who taught self-defense, and who counseled others to become self-reliant
Anne of Sordonne Nen against anti-clericalism F Angi Sxhearstone
former Presider killed by the Cult of the New Gods in 997
Astarte Alia seducers F Tamaris Rxivera
Philiathan noblewoman in the late 700s who fell in love with the married Duke Constantine of Melonissos and seduced him until he took her as his mistress and dismissed his wife to an abbey; was poisoned by said wife
Birgitta Rannash ? F --
Blaise Alia harmony in marriage M Charles Wxard
Roudoigne who lived in the 700s in a small village, married to his wife for 62 years
Brianna Rutherford Brinnig last light before dusk F Heather Axlbano
Allondine mage-knight of the First Crusade who held a bridge to permit her liege to escape, dying in the process; companion of St. Michael Brieaux
Calla the Talon Elune religiously oppressed F Meg Hxarrelson
Elunian priestess who died in the Valennian civil war of 997
Calvin Kahla-Ran demon summoning M Eric Cxorl
Born Calvin Martin, Dark Ages "mad mage" known for summoning demons and other monsters; subject of many unpleasant fairy tales
Camilla Rannash heroic charges F Kara Rxodgers
Brave and disciplined Rannashite knight who died leading a charge against the Marakhs in the Second Crusade; her bravery inspired her army to break the Marakh line and achieve victory
Carisa Tralados F
Cassio el Sabio Zotra stormy relationships M Joseph Mxelendez
sidekick of St. Cassio, often wiser than Cassio but rarely getting credit
Clara Elune university students F Anise Sxtrong
first Dean of Students at the University of Tolbury; talked Princess Alicia out of suicide
Clark Elune librarians M John MxcLoughlin
sought out rare tomes and assembled dedicated staff for the newly-founded University of Tolbury
Connor MacLearie Zotra worthy death M Zack Fxraser
Cadfainn priest who tried to contain the Great Plague when his village fell ill, insisting none should leave town; when his wife insisted on leaving the village, he slew her rather than let the plduge spread. Connor was the only survivor in the village
Cosinti Balthazar ? M Matt Sxchickling
hero of the Fourth Crusade who died in battle; the Cosintines were named after him
Daphne Nen Cadfaigh F --
Dunbar Dorial drunken revelations M Adam Sxhelley
Edmund Moore Nen quick decisions M Li Yxu
Allondine in the First Crusade who defended Marakh children from slaughter when his liege ordered a village burned; stood between his liege's sword and an innocent child and was killed
Eleanor of Renham Nen royal advisors F --
headed the high council of King Harold I, and held the council together as the king grew feeble
Emma Alia elopers F Eileen Mxaksym
priestess who arranged clandestine meetings of couples on opposite sides of the Twenty Years' War; performed marriages for over a thousand people during this time; captured by Chardrois, who suspected her border crossings her a cover for spying, and executed her as a spy
Enrique Tralados against zombies M Nick Mxinichino
son of Iñr;arran parents who settled in Bilgosh in mid-800s; unlike the natives, did not take the presence of undead monsters for graned and spent his life to sending them back to their graves; killed by zombies in battle
Esperanza Alia uniting enemies F Jackie Axnderson
In the First Crusade, sought to be captured to thus sway an emir into making peace. She and the emir fell in love, but the emir's suspicious followers slew him. She used magic to save him but kill her instead.
Esteban Perinnia family loyalty M --
lived in the Dark Ages in modern Iñarra
Ewald Tiranon ends justifying means M Andrew Sxtoner
warrior in the First Crusade who hunted and slew enemy leaders
Felicity Alia F
founder of the Blossomites
Ferdinand Elune mages M Hans Sxchroder
Mage and scholar of the 600s who devoted his life to the study of magical theory; the Order of St. Ferdinand, an Elunian monastic order devoted to the study of magic, is named after him
Fianna Rannash aggression F Brigid Sxhaw
A sixth-century Cadfainn village leader who, along with St. Tearlach and St. Aine, saved Cadfainn villages from a plague created by Caelti. A warrior who bravely fought Caelti leaders; was killed while defeating them.
Fiona Furthane apothecaries, medicinal crafts F Julie Lxevy
Cadfainn who lived in the 300s, after the fall of Sturia when healing was scarce; knew the ancient herb lore of the Gaeldic people and was close enough to the old Imperial network of scholarly communication to disseminate that lore southward
Garfield Balthazar ? M --
founder of the Garfieldites
George Vandergrenzen Perinnia pragmatic protection M Pete Mxaksym
Allondine noble who refused to send soldiers to the Twenty Years' War because he found it unjust; executed in Tolbury for treason as "George the Traitor" but venerated in his home region for saving his people.
Giselmo of Aldeventia Dorial drinking games M Jim Vxincent
Delonan knight of the late 800s who it is said invented over 100 drinking games; his relics reside in Alguria, Delona
Guillaume de Roudoigne Perinnia protecting civilians in battle M Drake Mxorgan
Chardrois knight during the Twenty Years' War; when Allondines moved to burn a Perinnian church with Chardrois villagers inside it, he made a final stand (though he was already wounded) that allowed the villagers to escape out the back before he was killed
Gwenllian Perinnia schoolteachers, child-rearing F Carol Lxubkowski
Cadfainn teacher in the 500s who saved students from Caelti blood mages by hiding them in a cellar; was being killed by said Caelti
Heathcliff Balthazar precise attacks M Powder Txhompson
holy knight of Balthazar in the late 600s who took his tactics from cats: never let the enemy know what you're thinking; never act hastily; keep a close eye on your prey; strike with speed and precision. Led a team who rooted out evil with precise stalking. the Heathcliffites were named after him
Hobbes/Obis Balthazar self-sacrifical valor M --
holy knight of Balthazar in the late 600s who took his tactics from watching cats: swift pouncing; sudden strikes to overwhelm the enemy; complete annihilation of foe afterwards, like a cat shaking a mouse to make sure it is dead. Killed by a demon after leaping onto its back to slay it. The Hobbesines were named after him
Iago el Terco Rannash companions-in-arms M Jamie Mxacia
bold hero of the First Crusade, with his sidekick St. Cassio
Jennifer of Anidotz Balthazar curiosity F --
Kislennic mage who traveled the northern regions of the former Sturian Empire during the Dark Ages, searching in obscure and dangerous locations for lost artifacts and magical texts; killed by her own curiosity investigating a found item
Jirelle Majenir repeated martyrdom F Jessie Kxarpf
healer in the Twenty Years' War who died repeatedly (seven times) from magically transfering knights' fatal wounds onto herself
Josephine Balthazar Balthazarian hymns F Eileen Cxhristiansen
founded a chorister school in Chardreau in the early 800s, dedicated to Balthazarian hymns; dedicated teacher of music
Justine Nen Allondell F --
The royal court of Allondell, the Court of St. Justine, is named after her
Leah Majenir outcasts and orphans F
Lorelei Kyta shellfishers F Landizsankzie O'Malleyldfingeratthenher
peasant fisherwoman in Roudoigne in the 700s whose bounty saved her village during crop failure
Louise the Valiant Elune against cusswords F --
Courtier who vigilantly listened for, then reprimanded, any use of bad language at the Chardrois court; folklore holds that she hears when you swear, and parents warn children to watch their tongue because of this
Lucca Sarana flautists (flute players) F --
Trenzanan of legendary talent with the flute
Macavity Balthazar mysteries F --
from Renham, Allondell in the early 800s; would appear as if out of nowhere, rescue or save people, and then vanish; one day vanished and was never seen again
Marcella Kintaka gambling at dice F April Cxorl
Sturian legionnaire of the First Legion who was repeatedly lucky enough to arrive at battle just in time to strike the final blow but not be in actual danger; always won at dice
Marcus Nen vigils and vigilance M Dan Rxossi
A former Sturian soldier who served during the Wrath of Nen. He was married to the sister of St. Secundia
Margery Ubrialla root vegetables F Mabry Sxlemmons
farmer in modern-day Allondell who, in 453, grew a miraculously large turnip which fed her village during famine
Marian Tralados peaceful repose F
Melo Brinnig eclipses M Eric Cxorl
lay brother of the Aurelians in the early 700s who wrote a table to predict eclipses for the next 500 years
Michael Brieaux Brinnig bright ideas M Julian Yxap
Allondine knight of the First Crusade and former squire to St. Brianna Ruhterford; insightful warrior; defied his liege when said liege brutalized a Marakh village, then attacked and slew his liege but was killed by liege's other knights
Midi Balthazar kittenlike energy F Aerica DxiPonzio
Morris Balthazar individualism M Jeff Yxaus
Explored the Grendarr Mountains in the early 600s and restored a trade route from Allondell to Bilgosh; worked alone and faced travel dangers by himself; founder of the Morrisines, a monastic order wih a focus on solitary contemplation and vows of silence
Murdoch Majenir pacifistic resistance M Jon Lxight
Allondine peasant whose village was raided by Chardreau during the Twenty Years' War; stood his ground, blocking a bridge to prevent the Chardrois knights from passing into the village. The knights were confused and reluctant to attack someone obviously unarmed; their delay let the rest of the village escape before the knights finally killed Murdoch.
Noreen Nen bureaucrats F Nina Kxelsey
co-founder of the Linneralian chancery in the early 700s, dedicated to archiving its records
Ophelia Elune against demon summoning F
Raynald Rannash diversity of fighting styles M Jason Sxmith
battle mage from First Crusade who, when in grave peril, grabbed a sword despite having no training with it, and singlehandedly slew many foes
Ryan Dorial brewers, beer M --
legendary Cadfainn brewer; patron of the annual St. Ryan's Feast, held by the Cadfainn court
Secundia Kahla-Ran suicide and mercy killing F Jen Pxlatt
Sturian mage and head of the "Death Mage Corps" during the Wrath of Nen. To seal a demon, she used necromantic magic to create a binding ritual, voluntarily killing herself in the process (but tricking four other mages into weaving their souls into the binding)
Segfoult Balthazar catlike contemplation M Ethan Hxeilman
pronounced "segg-FOH".
Serafina Kintaka puns F Sarah Oxelker
court jester in the Vallinan court in the early 800s; endless punster
Simona Majenir ailing, deformed F Stefanie Lxubkowski
priestess in Dubraugh during the Great Plague; voluntarily entered a quarantined quarter of the city to comfort and heal the sick; died there of the disease
Socks Balthazar ? M --
Stern Zotra magical lightning M --
Kislevian adventurer in the early 700s who slew great cave bears with magical lightning
Stimpo Balthazar ? M --
the Stimpites were named after him
Sylvester/Sylvestro Balthazar bird-catching M Sam Sxherry
Scholar and theologian of the late 800s who believed that education was the way to eliminate evil, so founded an order dedicated to teaching; used the metaphor of a cat stalking a bird to describe the way a scholar should act when seeking out information: patient, focused, dedicated.
Taru Rannash battle tactics M Stephen Hxartley
Venerated more in Marakhin than in the north. Sixth-century author of a treatise on battle tactics, The Laws of War, and who insisted on just treatment of captives; murdered by an emir jealous of his fame
Tearlach Elune brilliant prose M Alan Wxitt
A sixth-century Cadfainn village leader who, along with St. Fianna and St. Aine, saved Cadfainn villages from a plague created by Caelti. A wise man who found the cure and who left behind numerous writings.
Thomas/Tomas Perinnia protection during retreats M David Oxlsen
Iñarran in the Second Crusade who was chaplain to the king, and who saved the king from Marakh foes using a spell of safe retreat
Viburna Balthazar ? F --
Violet Nen Chardreau F --
William of Crawford Balthazar ? M --


Mortals clearly believe that saints have patronage, and some saints have seemed to demonstrate an interest in a specific area. But it is not perfectly clear out-of-game what saint is patron of what, or how they acquire that patronage. Perhaps the gods name patrons; perhaps the saints themselves decide what to guide and protect; perhaps a saint takes an interest "by request" when mortals start to pray and believe that saint has a certain patronage; perhaps saints don't actually have areas of patronage and it's just mortals who think they do.

Groups and countries tend to declare their own patrons. Guilds will pick a saint relevant to their craft (e.g. alchemists' guilds choosing St. Fiona, mages' guilds picking St. Ferdinand, etc.) This doesn't mean that the guild necessarily believes the saint has already taken an interest in the guild; rather, it can also mean that the guild is beseeching the saint to guide and protect them. Countries' patron saints are usually a matter of traditional belief and practice; new countries (e.g. Ragnorack) would pick theirs based on who their people have come to venerate, presumably in consultation with clerical authorities.

Other forms of patronage (patron saints of occupations, patron saints against ailments, patron saints of things or behaviors, etc.) are declared by the churches as they see fit. This is often done to reflect common belief (if people are coming to believe that St. X intervenes in cases of Y, the church will declare St. X to be patron saint of Y.) At other times it is to reflect something significant about the saint (e.g. after Presider Anne de Sordonne was murdered by an anti-clerical group, she was declared patron saint against anti-clericalism).

Adding New Saints

Going forward, a CG saint should not knowingly reproduce the name of a real-world saint. (A handy list of Catholic saints is available here.)

"St. X of Y" is not the same name as "St. X", so while the list above does have a St. Palladius, you can introduce a "St. Palladius of Lorraux". However, the GWC recommends that you avoid altogether the names of common real-world saints (i.e. don't create a "St. Paul of X" or a "St. James of Y").

Sample List of Roman Names

If you need a name for an ancient saint, but are having trouble finding a Roman name that isn't in the Catholic list above, here are some ancient-world names that aren't in that list, and which (as of January 2005) aren't used by any CG saints either:

Amanda, Priscilla, Livia, Chloe, Portia, Miranda, Claudius, Horatius/Horatio, Lucretius, Portius

Mahiri kinshalyn

Mahiri have their own complement to human saints, called "kinshalyn" (kinn-SHAY-linn), the spirits of elders past who return to offer aid and wisdom to the living. As with saints, kinshalyn each have an area of patronage, and prayers for aid are more likely to be heard if the dilemma is in that kinshalyn's area. Kinshalyn are also more likely to help if beseeched at spiritually appropriate times (e.g. Mother's Moon, Harper's Moon, Spirit Moon), if the village or clan is in danger, and if the venerator is from the kinshalyn's own kin line.


Kinshalyn are typically insubstantial and do not affect physical things, except with magic. They do not dictate a course of action, only giving counsel. (Naturally, their counsel will never suggest an unbalanced course of action.) As servants of the Balance, a kinshalyn will never serve unbalance in any way, shape or form.

Name Favored clan(s) Sex Actor (if appeared in-game) Notes
Jenna Gri Long Hills ? F --
Sandrin Three Spires, Raerock, Blue Cliffs, Twin Oaks River, White Fronds, Seven Rivers, Vine Flower ? M Sam Gxailey / Dave Pxerry
Legendary mage
Sheldra Raerock ? F Kathy Pxezza
Bard whose self-sacrifice brought an end to the Cult of the New Gods [note: as with anything pertaining to the Cult's demise, this is not necessarily common knowledge]

* The concept of "sainthood" is by no means limited to Christianity, though some Earthly faiths use different terms (notably "bodissatva" or "bosatsu".) The term "saint" is also used when translating into English the equivalent concept found in traditional Chinese worship or Sufism. However, with Hesket clearly modeled on European culture, Quest uses the term "saint".