Hesket is the continent where most Continuing Game events occur. It is similar to Europe and the lands around the Mediterranean.


Shenga is the Africa-like continent to the south of Hesket. Its northern coast has contact with the Marakhs, and as such has a flavor like that of North Africa. The lands further south are unknown to most Hesketines.

Even the north of Shenga is unknown to most Hesketines, however, and most Hesketines carry wild, mostly inaccurate stories about the Shengans.


Dosan lies east of Hesket, across the ocean. It is reminiscent of Asia. Yamamoto and Meng Guo are both lands in Dosan.

Only the Tamplonians have the sailing technology to cross the oceans, so few Hesketines know much about the lands of Dosan other than Yamamoto.

Undiscovered Lands

Few player characters, if any, will have any knowledge of what lies far from Hesket. Only the Yamamotoans and Tamplonians currently have the technology to cross the ocean to the east, while the Great Wastes prevent any land travel to the west.