Unlike in medieval Europe, the prevailing norm in the Continuing Game's human society is gender equality, and women have equal or equivalent opportunities to men. Thus, in general, daughters of nobles inherit equally with sons, and women can occupy the same positions as men, including in the military (Hesket's armies feature many knights who go by "Dame" instead of "Sir"). On the flipside, historically feminine roles are open to men without stigma; male weavers and spinners sit alongside female ones, and milkboys work beside the milkmaids.

Thus, heroes in the CG don't as a rule protect "innocent women and children," since many women are able to protect themselves, and many men are not. (Plus, many heroes are themselves women!) Instead, they protect "the innocent and children." Some areas or people may exist that deviate from this norm, but should be regarded as odd, aberrant, backward and/or unjust.