Game Master Resources

The GM Process

How to propose an event, and what you need to do to work with the Events Committee.

Teaser Format

How to write your game's teaser.

Advice for Aspiring GMs

Tips on how to write and run an event.

Continuing Game Resources

See sidebar at right.

Spaces & Reservations

What spaces on campus can you get access to?

Game Packets

Staff packets from previous games.

How to NPC well

A handy document to send to your game staff.

Character Survey

See how many PCs have which skills.

Maps of Wesleyan

Maps of the Wes campus.

Maps of Pomfret

Maps of the Pomfret campground.

Uncle Lloyd's Tips and Tricks

Uncle Lloyd offers up various unofficial tips and tricks on how to name NPCs, make props, and use rules conventions.

Continuing Game Resources

If you are running a Continuing Game event, you may want to consult these documents:

These are available to GMs and potential GMs — just ask! (They're not on on the Web to prevent casual browsing; ideally we'd like to limit them to GMs.) Just mail the CG Game World Chair at

Proposing an Arc

If you're interested in proposing a multi-game arc in the CG, please see the GWC's guidelines.