New Player Guide


Welcome to Quest! Quest events are story-driven, live-action role-playing events with a fantasy flavor that run regularly in Connecticut, usually on the Wesleyan University campus in Middletown, CT or the 4-H campground in Pomfret, CT. Quest runs about six evening-long or afternoon-long events throughout the year, plus weekend-long events once or twice a year, and occasionally some all-day events as well.

Quest has no membership fee, and you may attend as many or as few games as you like. You pay only for those events that you wish to attend — and your game fee includes food, equipment rentals, plus a free Player Handbook at your first game!

Live-Action Roleplaying

Quest is very different from traditional theater; there is no separation between actors and audience. Everyone assumes the role of a character and participates in the story line. The game staff knows the story line, but it's up to you, the players, to move the action forward.

Similarly, Quest's live-action events are different from "table-top" role-playing games. Rather than describe what your character does, you act it out — complete with setting, props and costume. In essence, you have become your character.

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