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Props Rights and Responsibilities

Objectives of the Props Manager and Staff

  1. To maintain the props currently in Quest stock
  2. To provide a comprehensive list of available props to GMs
  3. To establish the usefulness of specific props
  4. To rid stock of any deteriorating, or destroyed props

GM Responsibilities

  1. A list must be provided to the Props Manager at least a week before a tavern night, ten days before a day game, and two weeks before a two-day or weekend game. This will allow the props manager sufficient time to find all props requested, contact the GMs if such props are no longer available, and organize them into easily transportable containers.
  2. Props Managers take all requests for props into confidence, and do not tell other players about the props retrieved from stock. This is both to prevent GM(s) from being exceptionally vague about the props they want, and to ensure that the Props Manager does not spoil the fun for others, and themselves.
  3. A GM must either retrieve props from stock, or send a delegate on their behalf. Arrangements must be made at least 48 hours in advance, to allow the Props Manager sufficient time to alter their schedule to be present for props retrieval.
    1. Under no circumstances should a single individual be singled out to always retrieve and return props. This is to prevent others from experiencing burnout.
    2. The props manager is not to be viewed as an additional source of transport. Once the props leave the storage area, they become the responsibility of the GM(s).
    3. Props managers and their staff, if requested, will pull emergency props, but this will be noted by the props manager for the post-game report.
    4. GMs may be permitted to look in stock for any last minute props, but should budget their time accordingly, and request this along with a nearly complete list of props.
  4. A GM must keep the copy of the props list with them, and either check each item off the list at game-end to ensure its return to stock, or delegate staff members to check that all props are returned to props storage.
  5. A GM must return the props to the props storage after game end, or delegate individuals to do so. Props must be returned in the condition they left props storage. If, for any reason, permanent props are damaged, lost or destroyed, the GMs are responsible for making recompense, either monetarily, or through volunteering to reorganize their game props back into the larger props storage.
  6. We require as a part of the proposal process for GMs to appoint a Props Liaison from their staff to coordinate with the Props team. This can be the GM or a GM delegate, but the person in question must be able to work effectively and responsively with the props team prior to the event.

Ops Responsibilities

  1. To act as emergency delegates should the GM become unable to deal directly with props.
  2. To work with props to ensure that all props are retrieved and make it back to props storage.

Props Manager and Staff Responsibilities

  1. To retrieve props for GM(s) in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. To have props ready when GMs arrive.
  3. To be helpful if GMs request a look-around in advance.
  4. To run, or delegate out to the Props staff, the check-in bins and weapons racks.
  5. To keep track of individuals who have lost check-in materials and establish recompense.
  6. To aid GMs in completing the return checklist.
  7. To present to the Events Committee a full report of any potential props issues that may have arisen during the course of the event.
  8. To keep running stock of the kitchen bin.
  9. To store props as safely and effectively as possible, to prevent elemental damage and standard wear.
  10. To repair props which can be repaired.
  11. To establish a "use by" date for all props which do not frequently appear at events.