People With Status

This is a list of characters with the Status skill. If you're looking for the rules on how to propose for Status, check out the guidelines instead.

Famous PCs

These PCs are known to many in Hesket for their exploits:

Character Exploits Type Player
Kale old hero who has extinguished rampaging orcish hordes, saved refugees, slain dragons SD Steve Hxartley
Myrandiil savior of the Blue Cliffs mahiri; possessor of a sword of Sandrin; was transformed from half- to full mahiri SD Dawn Mxetcalf
Whisper Dragonslayer slew the Caelti dragon at the Battle of Loch Meagan, ending the Caelti rebellion of '93 SD Chris Pxezza

Household-name NPCs

Most Hesketines will know the names of monarchs and the Presider.

Other PCs with Status

As their status is not based on fame or reputation, these people may or may not be known to a given Hesketine, although they are more likely to be recognized within their own regions or groups.
(this list is incomplete)

Character Background Template Type Player
Sir Alavon Gimwan knight in the Tegnutians knight (religious) SD Zack Fxraser
Sir Alberto diFalco knight of the duchy of Napermo knight SD Zack Fxraser
Sir Alex Remillard knight and secretary in the Chardrois chancery noble P Julian Yxap
Lord Alvard Dannerkreutz Kislevian nobleman noble P Adam Mxorse
Sir Angus Ragnorackan knight knight SD James Sxteere
Atem knight in the Ominous Shadows knight SD Carlos Lxaureano
Atrix Correze scion of the Correze banking house, Veneza wealthy merchant SD Julian Yxap
Bjorn huscarl (knight) of Jarl Geirmund of Kalv knight SD Jim Vxincent
Sir Carlos of Melleborg Ragnorackan knight knight SD Jer Bxernstein
Lady Carmina of Hronheim Ragnorackan noblewoman noble P Susannah Pxaletz
Captain Catarina di Luciano captain of the S. S. Tempest ship's captain P Heather Axlbano
Lady Charis Debruuge Allondine noblewoman noble P Amanda Cxarniero
Darrien elder of the Raerock mahiri mahiri elder P Sam Gxailey
Father Dominic chamberlain to a Nennite bishop in Chardreau; member of Commission of Common Faith high clergy P Jeff Yxaus
Dmitri knight in the Silver Serpents knight (religious) SD Bob Sxweeney
Archdeacon Edward Racind Nennite archdeacon and member of the Gatherers high clergy P Anthony Rxobinson
Lt. Elias Hunter lieutenant in the Allondine Royal Guard of His Majesty's Chambers -- SD Sam Sxherry
Ellisandra Soumere daughter in a Chardrois noble family noble P Jen Pxlatt
Dame Elizabeth d'Arbonne Ragnorackan knight knight SD Heather Axlbano
Sir Erik Olafsen Ragnorackan knight knight SD David Oxlsen
Erik of Marakhin faris (knight) for a Marakh emir knight SD Jim Vxincent
Baron Felix of Hronheim Ragnorackan nobleman noble P Jeff Yxaus
Francis Layton dean of St. Jennifer's Academy, Ragnorack renowned scholar P Andrew Sxtoner
Lady Gwyneth Kelteren Dannerkreutz Allondine noblewoman noble P Becky Sxlitt
Bishop Heinrich Elunian coadjutor bishop in Kislevia; member of Commission of Common Faith high clergy P Adam Mxorse
Laird Jamie of Carlyle Cadfainn nobleman noble SD Julian Yxap
Sir John Marshal Allondine knight knight SD Jim Vxincent
Bloodlord Keldorn Wyrmsbane dwarven prince of Clan Wyrmsbane noble P Sam Sxherry
Doña Lucia Alvarez Iñarran noblewoman noble P Meg Hxarrelson
Mirwen Connemara Linneralian noblewoman noble P Jen Jxoseph
Sir Neville Hawthorne Allondine knight of noble blood noble/knight P John Exure
Padraic Donnybrook Linneralian nobleman noble P John MxcGann
Sir Palomir Allondine knight knight SD Richard Jxackson
The Pen Speaks Longer Than The Voice prominent scholar in the Order of Aurelius renowned scholar P Meg Hxarrelson
Lord Reginald Campion-Foxx Allondine nobleman noble P Julian Yxap
Lady Sheba of Dinkeldyne Cadfainn noblewoman and Ragnorackan knight noble P Angi Sxhearstone
Don Simón Alvarez Iñarran nobleman noble P Hans Sxchroeder
Archdeacon Slygras Balthazarian archdeacon in Ragnorack; member of Commission of Common Faith high clergy P Sam Sxherry
Bloodlord Talus Whiteblood dwarven noble of Clan Whiteblood noble P Jer Bxernstein
Lt. William Merrimack lieutenant in the Allondine Royal Guard of His Majesty's Chambers -- SD Jeff Zxieger